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Package moppy

package moppy Part of MOPPY -- A Meta Object Programming toolkit for Python


Joel Boehland

Actors in this module:

moppy.mop.CallInterceptor Represents a callable object in Python (unbound method, bound method, function, callable) The CallInterceptor will intercept calls to the callable object.

moppy.mop.Selection An object containing a set of criteria (SelectionCriteria) and the set of objects from the ObjectDomain that satisfy this criteria. A selection has many similarities to the combination of a SELECT query and a RESULTSET containing the objects that meet the SELECT query in a relational database.

moppy.mop.SelectionCriteria An object used to select which objects will be bound to a Selection.

moppy.mop.BaseHook A function that will be called when a callsite is reached. It may be triggered before the callsite is called, after, or when an exception occurs. An hook may also be set around a callsite, which means it will be able to act before and after the call.

moppy.mop.MetaCallableObject A class that wraps and scripts (advises) a callable object during its call execution. These advises can be simple operations orthoganal to the original callable action(tracing, debugging), to fully scripting the call path as it progresses through the execution(throw exceptions, alter return values, alter incoming parameters, etc...).

moppy.mop.MetaStructuralObject A class that injects (introduces) structure to another object, usually without the injected object being aware of the injection. The mechanism used to do this is using one or more Mixin classes.

moppy.mop.ObjectDomain A class containing the set of modules, classes, functions, methods etc that we can map our MetaObjects onto

moppy.mop.MetaObjectSystem A class representing the intersection the set of all the objects in the ObjectDomain and the set of all of our active MetaObjects


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