MOPPY -- Meta Object Programming in Python

Author: Joel Boehland
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MOPPY intends to be an easy to use, powerful library for exploring Meta Object Programming in Python. While Python already has facilities for runtime inspection and for changing the structure of objects at runtime, it can often be tedious and/or error-prone. Moppy intends to make many of these tasks easier and less error prone.

Quick Start

MOPPY is in the primordial ooze state right now. I don't have a file to install it. You should only download this if you are an experienced python programmer, and you know how to find and fix bugs.


You need to have kjbuckets installed, and probably python 2.2.2. I haven't tried this with earlier versions of python.

getting started

  • Download From MOPPY SourceForge Project Page
  • Run Tests Unzip the distribution, cd to the directory, and run: python
  • View Source Open up one of the sourcefiles in your editor of choice, get familiar with the code, and then...
  • Get Hacking!


The docs are pretty scarce right now. I have written this document using docutils reST markup (docutils is cool!). I also have converted some of the source files to HTML, and have generated epydocs for all source as well. Here's what's available:

Moppy api reference (epydocs)

You can view the apidocs generated by epydoc here: moppy epydocs


This Software is copyrighted under the Python 2.2 license.


Items I (and other developers if they show up) need to do to get this project off the ground.


I have gotten ideas and code for this project from numerous sources. I have tried to remember all of the main ones and have listed them below.